A downloadable game for Windows

A platforming game where you can't directly control your horizontal movement. Jumping is your only interaction with the world.

(This game can be pretty dang difficult, so if you're getting VERY frustrated, don't be afraid to go back to the level select and skip forward to see some of the other ideas I had!)


Jump: Space

Restart: R

Pause: Escape

This is my submission for the GMTK 2018 Game Jam! Enjoy!

UI sounds came from www.kenney.nl, everything else is by me :).

Install instructions

1) Unzip the folder "Vert"

2) Launch the .exe file with the black white symbol


Vert.zip 16 MB


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the game can't be played because it's missing unityplayer.dll file!

Cant believe I forgot that, thank you so much for letting me know. Its fixed now! :)